Tuesday, 25 August 2015

What's in my Trip Bag

The trip is sadly over so I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of what's in my bag. For park trips I always use my trusty Jack Skellington bag, he heralded from the realms of Disneyland Paris a few years ago, now he comes back every time.

I've got everything I need in this bag and it's comfortable to carry too, so let's dive in. 

Firstly is my fold up mack. The weather can be unpredictable in Paris so I always carry a waterproof just in case. This Olaf one came from Primark and is summery and fun. It folds up small and is nice and light to make it practical for carrying around in the park. 

I have my polka dot planner, which came from Paperchase. It contains all of my trip information and has begun to feel a little like my right hand! I've also from Paperchase included a rainbow paper pad. You never know when you're going to need to write something down so carrying extra paper for me is a must.

Journaling cards to put in my planner or capture memories are from Simple Stories. This is the Say Cheese range. There is a huge selection available online, I bought mine through Amazon. 

My pen is a park souvenir, I couldn't resist the Minnie Mouse shaped pen and I hope to add to my collection on this trip. I've also got a small stash of washi tape, just in case of emergency.

Not so essentially but certainly, handy is my tape corrector. I love how he is shaped like a penguin to give a fun feel. He came from WH Smiths. The bunny from Paperchase is a hole punch, should I need to attach anything to my planner.

My Hogwarts pouch, also from Primark keeps everything stationery wise together. This protects my supplies from getting damaged and looks cute. It's a good size so holds a lot.

From a more practical point of view, I've also got sun cream and sunglasses in case it does turn out to be hot. I use kids factor 50 as I find anything strong enough difficult to get hold of. I need a high factor as I burn very easily and banana boat seems to cut it.

I also take my reading glasses with me, I'm hopeless without them. My purse was a gift from my parents at Christmas, I use it to keep a small amount of euros which are my planner money. I use these to buy knick knacks like sticky notes and pens so I can get these things without worrying about how it impacts on finances for the rest of the trip.

I also include a few vanities in my bag. I always have a bottle of hand gel, especially for somewhere like a park. Although we wash our hands regularly, bugs are easily spread in places like this so I don't like to take risks. 

I also have a small tube of hand cream. My hands get dry easily so I like to look after them. This particular cream is from Tesco, it's their own version of Soap and Glory. The smell is subtle but pleasant and the texture's nice.

I have a lip balm, I usually opt for Burt's Bees and nail polish. This week I'm wearing this red number from Bourjois. It's pretty hard wearing and doesn't chip easily, but I like to be prepared for any reapplications that may be necessary.

I also have a bottle of DKNY. I love the smell and it's nice to be able to have a spritz if I need it. I also love that the bottle is shaped like an apple, it just seems appropriate somehow.

So that's my trip bag, I hope you've enjoyed! 

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