Monday, 17 August 2015

Preparing for Back to School

Alas, the summer break will soon be over and like many others up and down the country, preparations are being made for that return to school come September. 

So the planner is being prepared:crisp, fresh to-do lists await being filled in and checked off. Notebooks have been carefully selected to coordinate with my planner, after all half the fun of back to school is choosing new stationery!

I'm making use of a month to view when we go back, as well as the weekly spread I showed previously. These awesome dividers are from the sn@p range although needed a little trimming to fit the A5 size. 

I then added the dates using coloured dots and marked out important dates using washi and sticky notes. Each month is a different colour, so it was great fun preparing each one.

I'm looking forward to adding a bit of colour and filling these beauties in as the school year progresses.

So, just to add a sticky note selection and lesson plans then I'll be good to go!


  1. I love the way a new, unwritten page feels.

    1. Definitely, a litteral fresh start. There's just something so satisfying about it.