Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Trip Planning Tuesday -DLP

We'll, we've got little over a week left until we go to Disneyland Paris. This is a funny trip that has me feeling both sad and excited at the same time. Mr S and I have been going there every year since we met, but there are big things ahead which means holidays will be cut from the agenda. I'm excited for the future, but I feel a bit like I don't know when I'm going to see my best friend again.

Naturally this means I'm working on making every second count whilst we're there. I've even worked out which pictures to take to put onto canvases and in frames when we return.

I've made itinerary sheets for each day we're there. I used a photo from one of our previous trips as a watermark to make the background and I really love how it's turned out. We'll be sitting down to fill these in tonight as I'm trying to angle for one last trip to Buffalo Bills... Wish me luck!

I also created my own tracker for our spends whilst we're away so it's easier for us to keep track of our pennies. I always take a little extra for any nice stationery items too, you know a girl can never have enough washi tape, stickers or sticky notes!

I kept this one simple too, using the Waltograh font which is free to download. I kept the page plain then decorated with washi afterwards. Although these match the Say Cheese range by Simple Stories, they're made by Queenie and Co.

I'm now on a list minute bid to find a craft folio for my journaling cards, which are being split between my Paris and my Orlando planner (and probably my fluoro too!) I wish I'd ordered a Websters craft folio, but I've left it too late for one to arrive on time now. 

So, a few things left, then we're off. I can't wait to go!


  1. I used my planner for Disney, too.

    1. It's such a great tool isn't it? I really don't see how I've ever managed a trip without one.