Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Trip-Planning Tuesday

I've got a couple of trips coming up, so naturally this gave me an excuse for a new planner to both plan and document my holiday. I'm loving setting it up and can't wait for the first of my holidays.

I opted for this fun polka dot planner and even had a go at printing some bits whilst I wait for everything else to arrive so I can really get my teeth in. I made these by searching for free disney printable silhouettes on google then adding the striped backgrounds.

This planner also means I've had an excuse to use my TKMaxx bargain, although it's not stopped me picking up some other pretty things as well.

I discovered the enchanted range this week which is all very princess-esque and lovely.

Firstly I made a pretty set of dividers, although I'm in two minds about laminating them as they become very heavy when I do this.

So far I've planned my sections and what is going in each one. I used my label maker from Hema to identify each divider. I think the black works really well with the paper too.

Lastly I couldn't resist a pretty page marker to help me find my place when I get there.

Now I've started my planner I've really got the bug and am impatient to complete both this one, and the one for my trip to Orlando in October. I'd best get cracking I guess! 


  1. I did a Disney section in mine. It was so nice when we got there and everything was organized.

    1. I think it's going to be the most organised trip I've ever taken :-)