Sunday, 22 March 2015

New Work Planner

For some time now I've had my eye on a springy and fresh filofax to switch out to for work. Although I love my domino, the red is a little dark. I'd been umming and ahhing between two particular planners, that is until I went to Paperchase.

My main planner is a Paperchase one, and I love my tweed dearly. It was love at first sight with this one too. 

I love the fresh blue colour and the contrast of the yellow elastic. I wasn't too sure on the owls to start with but soon decided that actually I love them. I opted for an A5 again so I can just transfer the inserts over and as an added bonus it has 2016 pages which I can put away for my tweed.

She's got a lovely selection of pockets for me to tuck all my bits and bobs into and carries on that lovely colour inside.

There's a notepad and pen loop at the back which is always handy. My only complaint would be that there is only one pen loop instead of the two my domino offers, but this isn't a deal breaker.

I'm going to save the 2016 one of these for tweed but there's a 2015 which will be perfect for adding to my work planner to enhance it further. 

I got a few other bits for my butterfly from Paperchase too, but I'm waiting for a few bits to arrive from Amazon first before I share those with you. Keep your eyes peeled! 

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