Monday, 23 February 2015

To do list with a twist

I'm forever writing myself to do lists and they're usually very linear with tick lists and highlighting. I thought I'd try something else after playing around with some fun post it notes. 

The sticky notes are Pickle Parade notes which I got from Amazon. I love the cute cartoons and funny expressions on them. They have spaces to write on, then I colour them in with crayola two stables when I've completed the task on my list. 

It's certainly made completely chores much more fun than my usual tick list. If anything I'm getting through my to do list faster so I can colour the little guys in.


  1. Oh this is a cool idea. I might actually try this since im a sucker for sticky notes haha 😊

    1. It was so much fun and a great way to be productive with some of my stash. I actually wanted to find things to do so I could add them to my list!