Tuesday, 24 February 2015

First attempt at inserts

I seldom share my use of my Domino, as although it's well used and much loved, it's very functional as it's my work planner. However this week I've made my first attempt at creating inserts that are built to purpose, particularly as what I'm currently using doesn't work for me.

As I am using an A5, the inserts were easy to make using clip art and bullet points. The first thing I made was a to do list. It's cute but needs some tweaks.

I love the Alice in Wonderland themed page. I downloaded the font from a website, I'm not 100% sure which, I'll see if I can find the link and the picture came from clip art.

I created a day per page insert as a week per page wasn't cutting it. As it is, this works for me and was so easy to make. I've held off on prettying my pages as it's supposed to be for work, but I'm slowly starting to yield to that desire to make my planner even more personal than it already is.

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