Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Social Media and My Planner

I've been playing around with different forms of social media lately, both to share my own planners and to check out what other people are doing with theirs. It's an interesting way of networking with other planners, getting inspiration and reflecting on my own practice.

I recently signed up to Bloglovin which I absolutely love. As well as allowing me to follow the blogs I love to read, I've found some new ones I really enjoy and would recommend. Giftie Etcetera for example has tonnes of great advice and really given me food for thought.

Likewise Twitter has provided a wealth of interesting blogs to follow as well as allowing me to keep up to date with products I love including Filofax and Paperchase! It means in particular my planner has been filled with even more pretty new sticky notes.

More recently I've developed a love affair with Instagram which for me has had the biggest impact on at least how I decorate my planner. Having seen some lovely paperclips and dashboards I've been inspired to share the ones I've made and begin contemplating others I'd like to make. Likewise I've found shops I'd love to use after seeing their beautiful products. I also like the way people set challenges which have helped me think more creatively about themes and the way I photograph my planner too.

More importantly, I love the way social media has opened me up to a whole community of people who share my love of all things stationery and planners, making newbie questions I might have seem not that silly and above all make me really enjoy the way I'm using my planner. So to you lovely people, I'd like to say thanks :-)


  1. I totally agree with u Donna. Social media really opens u up to a vast majority of people out there who share the same interests as u and it is really nice to be able to share ideas and be inspired by others. I just nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. If you fancy taking part, you can read more about it in my blog post here
    Joanny :)

    1. Oh Joanny I'm really flattered! I've totally loved meeting so many new people and reading their blogs. I always look forward to reading yours :-)