Thursday, 12 February 2015

My holiday, my planner and me

I'm not a naturally organised person, it's no secret: it's why I enthuse so vehemently every opportunity I get. I'm so excited for my trip to Disney this weekend I can scarcely contain it and this is by far the most organised I've ever been going away. Why did no one tell me about this planning lark before? 

Normally, I'd be frantically stuffing things in my suitcase right now. I kid you not! Which of course means I invariably forget something. 

The checklist I put in my planner at the beginning of the week means all these things were packed without missing anything. Not only this but planning packing into my week means it was done and not the day I go away.

Handy post-it reminders mean I haven't forgotten the essentials either. I really can't believe I never did this for a holiday sooner. I fall in love with my planner a little bit more every day. Now all that's left is to keep myself occupied until we leave! 

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