Monday, 9 February 2015

Studying with a Planner

Or in my case the woes of having studied without a planner. There are a plethora of things I regret doing without my trusty planner and undertaking my degree is certainly one of them.   I spent six years completing part time study and full time work to achieve my BA. This unfortunately meant lots of last minute cramming, rushed essays and almost missed deadlines. Not to mention a Facebook feed full of pictures of textbooks and notes in an attempt to avoid the mountain of work I had inadvertently created for myself.

I'm eager to start studying for my Masters, and my trusty tweed has changed my perspective. There are lots of reasons to study with a planner. 

1. Not missing deadlines

It seems like an obvious one, but it's amazing how quickly a deadline creeps up on you if you're not prepared. The number of times I'd thought there were still weeks until an assignment was due to discover I had days and therefore sleepless nights instead.

2. Distribute workload evenly

I would often sit down and work unto I wanted to cry which was hugely ineffective. Instead I should have planned regular shorter bursts to allow me time to actually reflect on what I'd learnt and avoid overloading myself. This is something I definitely would do differently.

3. Set short term goals

It might be to read to chapter 5  by Thursday or to write 600 words by next week, but short term goals were definitely missing in my academic life and will feature in my planner. It's good practice for sticking to deadlines and creates a sense of achievement.

4. Allocate some 'me' time

I would feel so guilty if I allowed myself to watch a film or take some time out but equally as important as planning my time studying was planning to take breaks. Being overworked and tired is no good for anyone especially when instead of relaxing you're thinking about all the work you could be doing. 

5. Be realistic

Just as important as planning your time when actually studying, it's important to consider how much time you have to offer. My spare time for studying is quite limited at the moment, so it would not be realistic to pick up any studying but I do not think I would have come to this conclusion without my trusty tweed.


  1. Sounds like you are truly disciplined.

    1. I'm a procrastinator by nature so I have to plan things out or they never get done until it's too late.

  2. Thanks for a great post. Looking back, I wished that I'd used a Filofax as it would've helped me much more organised & help me break everything down into more manageable chunks. And I know what you mean about allocating 'me time' as I used to feel guilty as I felt I should be studying all the time. I hope that your Masters goes well :)

    1. Thanks Anita. I don't know how I ever made it without my filofax now :-)