Sunday, 18 January 2015

Week Four

So technically it's week 3 and a half, but where is that time going? It'll be February before we know it! 

This week ended up very pink again, but I promise I do have other colours... Honestly! It was inspired by some unicorn post-it notes I picked up in Paperchase, I just couldn't resist a bit of magic and sparkle after a cold, wet weekend! 

There's not a lot going on this week so my page looks quite bare at the moment. Most of the supplies I've used are from Hobbycraft, although the pony stickers are from Tesco and the chevron tapes are from Hobbycraft.

I absolutely love the hole reinforcers which came from Amazon, I think they compliment the pink theme really well. I was going to save them until valentines but I'm impatient and couldn't wait that long!

Now just to make my week a bit busier to  fill in the white spaces. I hope you have a good week too! 

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