Monday, 12 January 2015

Out with the old in with the new?

So, before Christmas I shared my Lamy with you and promised to do a comparison between that and my reliable Parker pen that saw me through GCSE, A level and even my degree. I've been
a Parker pen girl since I was 11 and started secondary school but then Lamy came into my life. Please note that both pens have been purchased as gifts for me by my family to indulge my love of stationery and are compared as such. 

Size wise the Parker is slightly lighter, although both are a good weight for writing, not too heavy and easy to grip. I've opted for a clear Lamy, although the colours available are akin to a sweatshop whilst I've seen little variety with the Parker.

The nib on the Parker is slightly rounder which helps give a smooth writing line, although there was little difference in the smoothness when writing with these pens. I found the Lamy slightly smoother and found the grip more comfortable to write with. 

The ink deposit was slightly heavier with the Parker but again for me, the difference was minimal. The ink flow was steady and smooth on both pens. 

So can a leopard change it's spots? I'm personally still sitting on the fence. I adore the Lamy and the beautiful way it writes, but I wouldn't replace old reliable either. My Parker pen is going to be side by side with my Lamy for many years to come! 

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