Sunday, 11 January 2015

Week Three

Are we seriously on the verge of week three of the new year already? I suppose it's technically 2 and a half weeks in but even so it's crazy how quickly it's going, we'll be at Mr S' birthday before I know it! 

This week I've opted for a cat themed week which ended up as a very pink and cheerful week. I could have quite happily smothered my page in more stickers but I think it would have been a touch over the top! 

I was surprised how much cat themed stuff I've acquired in the build up to Christmas, I was spoilt for choice.

This awesome tape came from a bundle I got from eBay and prompted the use of pink tape throughout the rest of the page.

These paperchase stickers I thought were perfect given the pink cat theme. I tried to be sparing with them as I thought a whole page might be a tad much, although I could be in denial about my crazy cat lady roots here.

I loved these little kawaii stickers; I couldn't resist adding them to my page. They came from Amazon. I do think I'm going to need to search for some cat themed paper clips to make this page complete though.

This page has completely added to my excitement as in four weeks we are getting furbabies of our own. We've always had cats, although we've just come through a brief spell without them which has been beyond bizarre. Still, I'm sure our new babies will prompt lots of photos and inspire a few more cat themed pages before the year is out.

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