Friday, 14 November 2014


Now this beautiful people is why being a stationary addict and rocking a large bag is not a good idea! I have a beautiful polka dot messenger bag from Cath Kidston with co-ordinating pencil cases and pen, but I lost my ID tag to its depths. The result was all the pens I thought I had lost were actually just lost in the bottom of my bag! I shall be in trouble, although on the plus side (or is that negative side, I'm not so sure) I won't need to get any pens for work for a little while.

Yep, these beauties were just floating around my bag, probably feeling unloved! You can see what I mean about my gelstick pens. I could not function without them, I have a bunch in my pencil case too. To be fair I don't think you can ever have too many pens... It's just not possible!

Perhaps it's time to shop for a slightly smaller bag so I don't neglect my pens in the future.

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