Saturday, 15 November 2014

Sticker Stash

Well in searching for my Christmas card making supplies I discovered a whole host of yummy stickers which have of course moved into the Filofax bag. Some of them I think will get used for scrap booking instead as I think they're much better suited to that but mostly they'll be used for the much anticipated Filofax!

There appear to be lots of butterflies in there but there were some other real gems too.

I was amazed to discover I'd got some more Paperchase stickers stashed away. These are mostly lovey dovey ones although I particularly like the tea cups and sheep. The cups have faces which is just awesome, even better that they look like my favourite beverage... tea!

I had quite a few sheets of these and they're wonderfully funky! These will be perfect for those summer pages and maybe even some funky 70s themed pages. I particularly love the camper vans. Oh to have a camper van and spend my days inside it making things and drinking tea. That would be just the most immense bliss.

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