Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Range

So I've been looking around at dividers for the much anticipated Filofax and I've been really struggling to find something I like that comes in the quantity I want. Then Pinterest came to my rescue once again, and I have decided to make my own. So of course today has been spent shopping for the perfect paper to make my dividers with, cue these little beauties!

I couldn't resist a few spots and stripes, my planner would not be complete without polka dots but the real beauty was the one on the left. Oh yes. Roald Dahl themed scrapbook paper. I kid you not, this is possibly the happiest I've ever been stationary shopping. Mr S was cracking up. There was no way I was leaving without one and had decided which papers would be used for which dividers before Mr S had even got me home.

I can't wait to share the finished product with you assuming all goes well and they turn out how I hope. It's something I really should wait until I've actually got my planner to make, but as you've already gathered I'm an impatient little starlet and I don't think I can wait!

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