Monday, 17 November 2014

Epic Win!

Having a little sort out today and found these hiding in an old folder. Epic win!

Yes that's right. The stationary nut has stationary themed stickers AND they have faces. I can scarcely contain my excitement because they're that awesome. These shall most definitely adorn the pages of everything I can justify putting them on and some things I can't.

I love that they have faces and even better than that, the face is different depending on which colour the pencil is. Awesome!

I must say, starting this blog has certainly taught me some things about myself. For example I would normally profess to being freaked out by things with faces but there are at least three different sets of stickers I've shared with you over the past fortnight where I've squealed in delight over their creepy little faces. How funny. It's interesting what you find out about yourself when you put pen to paper.

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