Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Now Tesco would not be one of my usual haunts for stationary items, I often find the choice quite generic but I was not disappointed today. I got this lovely little haul which I'm itching to use.

As I've mentioned several times already I love a good flag post-it so couldn't resist the arrows and they were really easy on the pocket too costing only about 80p. Double win! I thought the speech bubbles would be nice with the stickers I got from Paperchase the other day so of course they went into the bag too.

I couldn't resist these either. The ponies have slightly creepy faces but they're scratch and sniff not to mention loads of fun. I thought the bugs were the best though, some of them have moving eyes which caused much entertainment thus making them a necessity.

Now paperclips are something I seldom use, I just don't find them very appealing but having spent ample time on Pinterest and Etsy over the last few days that concept has quickly begun to change and I find myself drooling over more and more paperclips in funky shapes. Cat ones are next on my wish list! (of course) but I loved these too. Now I've just got to remember they're not too lovely to use!

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