Monday, 10 November 2014

More Surprises

There were more surprises for me today in my stash! I found two sets of stickers I'd totally forgotten I'd got! One I know was a Christmas present from about three years ago but I'm not too sure where the Mickey Mouse ones came from and I am not complaining.

I love all things Disney and these will be perfect with some polka dot washi tape. They'd fallen down the side of my chest of drawers and I have no idea how long they've been there but it means they haven't faded or creased as luckily they were still in their plastic packaging. One very happy starlet here today folks, let me tell you!

The other lovely find which I'd also forgotten I'd got were some lovely letter writing kits. One is from Paperchase, the other Cath Kidston. They've both got lovely patterns on them and are just adorable. I'm a big fan of handwritten letters as Mr S will tell you and I think it's sad when nothing exciting comes in the post anymore. I make a lot of my own cards at the moment as I get ready for Christmas and I love adding personal touches to them. Letters are the same, these will eventually wind up with Mr S and that makes me feel amazing!

I'm loving my mystery finds at the moment, I'm sure the pre-festive tidy up will yield many more yet, after all we're not even in December yet!

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