Wednesday, 12 November 2014


So who doesn't love a good pen? I'm frequently being told I don't actually need to buy any more pens but that's advice I find difficult to agree with, I personally think there's no such thing as too many pens. In fact I struggle to comprehend why anyone asks to borrow a pen. I understand we live in a digital age but how can people just not own pens?

Here's a little peek of some of my favourites, a combination of stationary stash and the necessities that inhabit my bag.

I was delighted to discover I had not one but two packs of these stashed away. These gelsticks are the bread and butter of my pencil case. I sincerely believe I could not be without them! They write so smoothly and the colours are always aesthetically pleasing too. I particularly like using them for note-taking on coloured paper!

These double-ended pens are lovely to write with too. The nibs are a bit soft as they're technically felt tips but the fine liner end is lovely to write with and I'm always happy. They're great for putting reminders on post-it notes and what have you as it makes them really stand out.

Highlighters is another thing I go through loads of and always need a stash tucked away. These little sweeties are shaped like teddy bears, I picked them up in my local pound shop. I'll probably keep them in my planner once I receive it. I can't imagine they'll last me all too long but they were just too cute to pass up!

Now speaking of pound shop, I've picked up some bargains in there over the last few weeks, much to Mr S's exasperation. In honesty, the pound shop is probably one of my favourite places to shop for stationary as sometimes you get some real wonderful finds in there. I love my frixion so the opportunity to pick up a couple of fantoms wasn't going to be missed even remotely!

They quite often have these in there, again very difficult to refuse as although they write beautifully and last longer than your average gel pen they still wear down pretty quickly!

 I've also had a couple of treats from the lovely Mr S himself. He knew I wouldn't be able to resist a Hello Kitty 4 colour biro, after all its cute and practical. Happy little starlet here! He also picked me up a new frixion as he knew I needed one.

So I am of course completely spoilt for choice regarding pens today folks. How is a girl to choose which one to write with first?

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