Saturday, 29 November 2014


So, it's pretty clear one of my new weaknesses is stickers. Needless to say I couldn't resist picking up some new ones to add to the collection today.

I've been eager to add some Hello Kitty goodness to the planner stash for some time, so couldn't resist these.

There were two themes available so of course I did what every good hoarder does and chose both! I love the red ones, I think they're really funky but I also think the pink ones are really sweet.

I also indulged in some cat stickers as I was really needing a cat fix today. In other news I'm also temporarily prohibited from browsing the pet finder website as I start to suggest we should adopt every cat on there. The occasional puppy too.

Inspired by Hetty, I picked out some hedgehog stickers too. These will be great for a lovely fall spread once I get my Filofax. I'm thinking I could match them with some orange and red tape.

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