Sunday, 30 November 2014

Ebay Blues

So I've had a few woes with eBay this weekend. I discovered in addition to the possibility that one Filofax might not be enough, I would not get the Filofaxes that made me believe this. Now, there is of course the very real probability that I was rationalizing the ownership of the beauties I had my eye on in the event of winning them, but alas it was not meant to be!

The first cutie that made me swoon was a delectable Disneyland Paris organiser. Pocket sized and dark coloured it would have been perfect on my desk and for those trips we take to Disney to ensure my loved ones receive their postcards without delay. According to the description there were Disney themed pages, although there were no pictures to go with this so I guess I'll never know. I was pipped to the post in literally the last second by 20p!

The second delight to further wet my appetite for the anticipated Filofax was a Radley one, which not only had a matching purse but actually matched one of my handbags. It was personal sized and came with a pen which is always a win. The little beauty also had a dust bag and was the perfect size for keeping with me when out and about, as well as organising all those dinner dates with Mr S and lunch dates with the girls. I would always be happy to let Radley help me keep my social life in check. Alas this too was not meant to be as the 8 other bidders who were also after this gorgeous item outbid me yet again.

So it seems I am still destined to wait until Christmas, even if that is AGES away. Well ok there are 24 days left, but that feels like ages.

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