Friday, 28 November 2014

A Few Goodies

So a quick trip out resulted in a few new goodies today. As you know I love a good flag and couldn't resist these. They've got handy tags 'to do', 'study' and 'get this'. The pegs were fabulously quirky and as they were all in a three for two offer I got some people shaped paperclips whilst I was at it. They seemed just the right amount of quirky to go with everything else I'd picked up,

In addition to clips and pegs I couldn't resist this little sweetie. She's a iwako rubber and we've named her Hetty. For such a small eraser she's pretty pricey but to be perfectly honest, she's so cute I probably won't use her anyway.

So it would seem my little stash of Filofax supplies is really building up, it's probably a good thing there are only 3 and a half weeks left until Christmas now! I'm starting to get really excited!

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