Friday, 28 November 2014

Stationery Friday

Mr S has come up with a new tradition: Stationery Friday. This involved another trip to my favourite store, Paperchase. I was really spoilt for choice in there today and didn't know what to pick. In the end we settled on some washi tapes and stickers as you can never have enough of those.

I couldn't get enough of close ups today either, there were so many cute purchases! I love this tape, it oddly reminds me of dreams. Maybe that's what the range is called? Either way I love the pastel colours and the sweet little cartoon characters.

We picked out these as well, mainly I have to admit for the orange cat tape, although I'm in love with washi in general at the moment.

I love these stickers, they have a wonderful vintage feel to them. I feel like they should be used with lace doilies and things with tea cups printed on them. I particularly liked the cherries but then I can seldom resist a good cherry print anyway!

These too have that vintage vibe, I may have to plan an afternoon tea and have that theme for a week in my planner. It's even giving me the urge to make cupcakes!

Mr S picked out the rockets which are pretty funky anyway but I love the fact that the rockets are being driven by cats. I'm definitely a cat lady, and since ours sadly passed away the house feels lacking, but it's too soon to get another cat yet (not that I'm not getting the urge anyway)

I love these sweet little stickers too. I'd love an orange cat so these put a smile on my face and I think they'll work well with the cat themed washi tape. I've started to try and think about themes to put together rather than just selecting random things because I like them.

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