Friday, 7 November 2014

Some Stash Treats

Oooo... found some great treats stashed away in my room today and I do love a treat! I promised you I love post-its and I unearthed a great selection today. As well as my trusty flags, I found pencil shaped notes... this makes me so happy! Plus schedule post-its and some lined notes. The arrows are paperclips... aren't they fab?

Some other delights included a whole bunch of index cards I didn't know I had. Good thing too, these are great for to do lists and little reminders and will be nice and easy to punch to put in my file. The fact that they're coloured? Total bonus!

Now another thing I can never have too much of is glue sticks. I get through them like I eat them (although I assure you I don't) so imagine my delight when I discovered I'd got a multi pack of coloured glues... today really was a good day.

I'm loving the colourful finds in today's rummaging, you can't go wrong with colour. I'm such a happy girl today!

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