Saturday, 8 November 2014


Now what sort of stationary lover would I be without a good old haul from Paperchase? It forms a staple part of my pen and paper diet, even if it is sometimes a touch pricey. For me, going in there is a bit like going into a sweet shop. Well actually it's better, given the choice I'd pretty much always choose pens and paper.

I treated myself to some schedule stickers as they were a bit prettier than the ones I'd already got. Added with the fact I have a big family, I'll probably need the birthday stickers! Overall, I was really pleased with this little haul as I felt I got a lot for my pennies. It may have been preemptive but I picked up some to do pages and some A5 coloured paper as it worked out cheaper than buying the pre-punched stuff and I'm not too worried about it being lined, I may even give some of the pretty templates I've seen on Pinterest a go.

 Ah washi tapes... I'm completely new to washi tapes so ridiculously in love with them and added them to my supply bag every opportunity I get. I couldn't resist the cute little penguin design which I thought would be perfect for winter. The polar bears are pretty sweet too. The loose one is apparently a mushroom design, I liked its monochromatic graphic style.

I couldn't resist a new sticker haul either, especially the Parisian ones with the sweet little Eiffel Towers. I'm also really drawn to weather stickers as well for some reason. I think it's because they have faces when they shouldn't have faces. Either way, they make me smile and that's something I will definitely need in my planner.

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