Tuesday, 4 November 2014

My Lovely Workspace

Now, my work space is a bit teeny-tiny and apparently I've been all wobbly with the camera today so apologies for the quality of some of my pictures... this is apparently what happens if you sneeze and snap at the same time. I came across an old picture of my desk before I decorated and was surprised how much it has actually changed!

So here's the before picture:

I love the desk tidy, it was a Christmas present from Mr S and my pens look so sweet in it, although as you can see I hadn't finished filling it up at this point!

This is it now:

So many pretty things, although sadly not much room to work which invariably means craft goodies and stationary find their way all over the place. Here are a few of my favourite bits from my desk. Not sure what the postcard is all about though.

My Nightmare Before Christmas Post-it's came back from Disneyland Paris with me. They're so pretty I haven't quite been able to bring myself to use them yet.

There are of course an assortment of other post-its on the desk too, A girl can never have too many post-its. True story.

Oh and look more post-its! I love a good flag too, they're very handy especially if you're marking your place in a book or your week. The highlighters are from post-it too with handy little coordinating flags on the top which I find so helpful! The paper clips are from Sainsburys, they were a little treat from Mr S after a really bad day.

So there you have it beautiful people, my lovely work space with some of my favourite things.

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