Monday, 3 November 2014



I'm so excited to be writing my first post right now! I've been building momentum towards this point for the past few days and now it's finally here.

Firstly I'd like to introduce myself... I'm a self confessed stationary nut and I love nothing more than a new notebook or pen, although my biggest weakness is post-it notes. I just love the colours and versatility of them. I also love tea; I drink it by the gallon and photography although I'm not very good at it. When I'm not drinking tea or taking pictures of myself drinking tea I can usually be found to be doing some sort of crafty activity whether it's knitting, crocheting, card making or scrap booking. 

I am going to be adding my Filofax to that list, however with the festive season coursing down on us at frightening speeds I have been banned from buying a Filofax as Mr S has insisted this shall be my present this year. So instead I've spent every spare minute (and some minutes that are not so spare) gathering all manner of pretty resources to decorate my Filofax when I eventually get it. 

Why a Filofax you may ask? Good question. I am quite possibly the most organised disorganized person I know. I need everything all in one place or I'll never remember birthdays or anniversaries. Plus, have a look on Pinterest... there are some beautiful Filofaxes out there. Previously I thought they were over-glorified address books but boy was I wrong! I'm in awe of what some people do with their datebooks and I hope I can make mine look as beautiful as the ones I covet!

Naturally this means I now have a stash of stickers, washi, pens and paper all ready to get going and I'm itching to get going. That's without the mysteries of my current stationary stash of course and I look forward to sharing those treasures with you.

When I'm not crafting, I feel it is only fair to warn you, I work in a school so my nonsensical ramblings may be a bit thin on the ground during term time. On the whole, nice to meet you folks, I look forward to sharing my organised chaos with you. 

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