Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Some goodies arrived for me today from Amazon for my Filofax, It was a little bit like Christmas coming early actually as I'd completely forgotten I'd ordered them!

This masking sticker set, although A LOT smaller than it looked in the picture is super sweet! The papers are really pretty inside it and I'll be able to make lots of use, plus it's a nice size to just tuck into a pocket of my Filofax whilst I'm on the go.

I'd completely forgotten I'd ordered these sweet little stickers, and it's taking everything to keep my inner child from opening them and just sticking them everywhere. I love cats and sadly we lost ours last year after he was hit with a car, so anything cat orientated is pretty much a must for me I'm afraid. These'll be great for appointments and things as they're so diverse.

 I opted for some Filofax branded stickers too, although they're a bit dark and small but nice enough. very practical. They'll be handy for helping me to remember important dates etc, but I don't think I'll be too disappointed when they run out.

It's a bit chilly here so I'm going to wrap up and drool over these beauties with a nice cup of tea. Today's tea is brought to you by Tinkerbell!

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