Sunday, 12 June 2016

Week 23

It's been a while and I've missed my planning. Don't get me wrong, I've still been using my planner but nothing worth sharing. My planner supplies have been boxed up but we've finally moved into our house and now the boxes are gone and my planners have taken over! Yay! 

I'm using my yellow color crush at the moment. I've had to switch to a backpack for work as I'm further away from work, isn't it gorgeous! I'm waiting for my walnut color crush to arrive as I think it'll be stunning with this bag but the yellow is a great match too! 

After some heavy conversations amongst various people regarding the referendum this week, this card seemed appropriate so I tucked it in! 

I've used Kikki K washi this week for a fun summer theme. I matched it with mambi and paperchase stickers. There's a little pineapple clip from Hema and my cute watermelon pen from Kikki K.

I couldn't resist tucking this little beauty in too. I'm dreaming of some summer sunshine and good vibes! Hope you've had a good week too!

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