Thursday, 2 June 2016

You know you're a planner addict when...

Planning is great, it helps me be where I need to be when I want to be. It ensures I know which day of the week it is (yes, this is an actual issue for me!) and never forget a birthday. Not only that but it allows me a creative outlet through decorating my weekly spread. This hobby, (although lifestyle might be a better word) can be addictive. If you're not sure you're addicted, here are a few signs to look out for....

1. You have more than one planner.

If you've got one for every occasion, you might be a planner addict. If people buy you lots of planners for Christmas or birthdays, this too could be another hint.

You might even have one in every colour! 

2. You co-ordinate your pen to your planner.

3. You have a large selection of washi tapes.

4. You match your handbag to your planner.

5. You can't go into a stationery shop without picking up some planner supplies.

6. You fan-girl when your favourite shops or bloggers like your pictures.

My poor boyfriend thought something was really wrong when I let out a scream!

7. You take planner selfies on holiday.

Dotty had a lovely time in Paris!

8. You coordinate with your planner.

Or is that your planner coordinates with you? It might be matching nails, accessories or outfit, but there's some matching going on.

9. Your phone is just full of planner pictures.

Although the same is also true for your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds. 

10. Unicorn no longer means the fluffy animal with a horn! 

Though of course your planner might feature the traditional variety too, but when you hear unicorn you think of that magical planner that evades your grasp. You know, the one you get outbid on at the last minute? Maybe they don't stock it anymore, but you remain optimistic that one day it will be yours.

11. Gappy rings are literally your worst nightmare! 

If you've ever opened a planner up and have seen this, you will know the pain. Thankfully some are an easy fix.

12. You get excited when your job gives you an excuse for another planner.

Lesson plans? Check!