Sunday, 14 February 2016

Week Six

It's been a big week for us here, planning for valentines and Mr S' birthday. In addition to that we've been cramming viewings in and finally had some success! 

I'm totally crushing on my layout this week, so much so I even took before and after pictures! 

This is what it looked like before I wrote all over it. All the tapes and stickers are from Paperchase! 

I love these cute stickers. I couldn't resist them and they add a nice touch to the page.

This was my favourite part of the page, with glitter hearts and washi tape. Perfect for valentines day.

The page still looked seriously cute even after I wrote all over it, and adding the planner clips just finished off the look. I think that bear might just be my favourite! 

This is a close up of the left, I love the red glitter tape, it reminds me of strawberry bootlaces and is from the sweets themed collection that Paperchase have.

I love the glitter hearts as well, they just completely brighten up the page.

Hope you've had a great week too, thanks for stopping by! 

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