Sunday, 28 February 2016

Week 7 and 8

I'm a little behind after a really low week, so thought I'd double up this week instead. I was really struggling, but after a seriously cute message from my niece I managed to pull myself together.

Week seven resulted in just a mashup of tape and colours. There was lots of packing and organising in preparation for the upcoming house move, and as such lots of list writing. 

We did go and feed the meerkats on Monday for a certain someone's birthday. It was pretty amazing, they climbed all over us and ate from our hands.

I picked up some chalk spray from the poundstore for some crafty experimentation. We've decided to do the Run or Dye race in the summer to raise money for Ataxia UK, the condition my dad has. My 7 year old niece asked me if I was going to help find a cure for my dad, I totally choked up and it helped pull me out of my miserable little funk.

The pages looked like this before tape and ink. I love them as they really remind me of the race we're doing so I should be able to recreate this in the summer. One slight change though, next time I'm going to ink and tape before spraying! Talk about messy! 

This is how it came out in my personal size. I tried using my brush pen but it was awful, the chalk kept clinging to the nib. Not good. 

I used biro on my A5 which looks ok, but again was really hard work, I had to keep going over each letter. 

Although it was tricky creating this look, I really like the way it came out and I'll be trying to recreate it again for sure.

Have a great week! 

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