Thursday, 31 December 2015

Week 53

OI can scarcely believe it's the last week of the year and yet here we are. I've opted for a glitzy gold theme to celebrate. 

I've used teal and gold in my saffiano, I thought if try out a new layout too. Not too sure if I prefer this to the horizontal layout but I'm going to give it a try anyway.

Decorating it has certainly been a new experience, however I have liked how I can fit stickers in.

I can also see the potential for those busier days whereas before I would have struggled to fit things in.

Of course I couldn't leave out my color crush. I'm still working the gold at the moment, although I got some new planners for Christmas so I'm pretty sure I'll be swapping out soon. 

This week I decorated with:
Gold stars and champagne flutes - Anita's
Large gold foil stickers - la De Dah
Glittery gold tape - Sainsburys 
Thin gold tape and chunky teal tape - Paperchase
All other gold tape - Dovecraft 
Gold crown pen - paperchase

Happy new year folks! Have a great week!

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