Sunday, 20 December 2015

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It's been an exciting, festive few days here. We're extraordinarily organised here this year, with everything wrapped and under the tree already. It meant the only thing I've had to buy this weekend is stocking fillers!

I have to admit this is largely due to the use of my Christmas Planner from Paperchase. It meant I was able to keep track of who, what and when with very little difficulty. Plus it's just the right size to fit in my handbag to take shopping with me. Here it is in all it's glory in a pre-trip M&S Cafe with a nice cup of tea.

It's been fun and games at the in-laws too, with their dog, Max helping to decorate the tree. He didn't get very far,but he did look cute so we've turned this into a picture card for Mr S' parents. I hope they like it.

In addition to this, we've been cramming in the Christmas Movies. I HAD to watch Elf this morning, its one of my favourites and I'm just rummaging out 'The Grinch'. The original one that it, not the remake, it's a classic!

Whilst I'm sure I'll check in before the big day, especially with school having broken up, if I don't I just like to wish you a happy holidays!


  1. Aww its good to see that everything is looking good over there. That pic is really cute. Ive been watching loads of Christmas rom coms. I just love this season.
    Hope u have a fantastic Christmas
    Joanny :)

    1. Thanks lovely. You can't go wrong with Christmas romcoms; I like Love Actually and The Holiday. Have a great break and a lovely Christmas! X