Monday, 7 September 2015

What's in my school bag

As a teacher, my bag is full of planner goodies and stationery stash so I thought I'd give you a peek inside.

For school I use my Radley satchel, I love the luggage print and brown leather plus it's just the right size for all my school needs.

Pardoning my Pixie cat who's attempting to sit on some sticky notes, this is everything I need.

Firstly not one but two planners: the owl one is from Paperchase. The wirebound planner is provided by my school, both are A5 size. I also have a Mambi list pad, they're the perfect size to slot inside my planner as I'm always making lists of things I need to do.

There are if course an assortment of sticky notes and page flags of all shapes, colours and sizes. I don't honestly think I could function without these!

I also have a list book and unicorn sticky notes from Paperchase tucked away in my bag. I love the sparkly cover and couldn't resist these! 

I also have an assortment of pens (my current favourite being a flag pen I bought from the post it notes website last year) as well as my other essentials: glasses, hand cream and hand gel. Currently I'm working with cherry flavour! 

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