Friday, 24 July 2015

The Saga of the Color Crush

A little while ago I treated myself to a malden, and at the same time I treated myself to a color crush in a complimentary color as I thought the two would work well together.

What a drama this turned out to be! Firstly, it transpired that I hadn't been charged the correct amount for postage which incurred a hefty fee from the Post Office. This was then followed by an unsuccessful delivery attempt afterwards.

My first trip to the Post Office yielded further unhappiness as they'd closed early to update their software. I was not a happy bunny. 

Luckily, I was able to collect my parcel today and am all the more cautious about purchasing online. I'll be contacting the seller about my fee, as naturally I'm unhappy but I had a responsibility to check what I was paying when I bought this so shame on me too. Always read the small print folks!

After all it's adventures the box was a little squashed, but not enough to spoil it. 

I just love the hello when you open the box too, it's such a lovely touch.

The colour is called caramel, it's a lovely orangey colour.

It's orange inside too. I opted for just the binder as I plan on using the inserts from my sky color crush when I move into this planner.

Happy planning guys!

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