Friday, 24 July 2015

Shopping Around

Sometimes being a planner addict isn't the most inexpensive of hobbies. As such I firmly believe in shopping around for my planners so I can get the most bang for my buck.

It means I'm a nightmare whenever I want something however. I'll search eBay  endlessly, just in case, and I'll check as many stockists as I can. Invariably I end up ordering something online.

I discovered something amazing this week however: price match. 

Shopping in John Lewis last weekend, Mr S picked up the filofax he knew I'd been itching for so I can plan our trip to Walt  Disney World. 

There was only one issue however, the price. I knew I could get it for significantly less somewhere else. So Mr S walked up to the counter and asked if they did price match.

It was that simple. The lovely lady agreed and five minutes later I was on my way and planning my holiday. You have to show them the website where it's less money and it can't be a web exclusive deal, but it was definitely worth doing. I'll certainly be going back to John Lewis again!

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