Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Sneak Peek inside my Color Crush

I've had my lovely color crush for a few months now, it was a very gratefully received birthday gift from Mr S back in May. I've been meaning to post this for a while, but I've had a little difficulty with the photos for some reason! But never fear, a bit of jiggery pokery with the old PC and all is as it should be! In light of this, my pretty planner has resulted in a very photo heavy post.

One of the things I found really appealing about this planner is lovely gift box it arrived in, and the sweet vellum sheet on top of the planner inside. It's like receiving happy mail with its cheery 'hello!' which personally I thought was a nice touch.

Mr S picked for me (as I pretty much wanted every colour) the sky blue, which is such a stunning shade of blue! It's really perky and bright, which is a real cheery thought when my planner is snuggled into my handbag.

The dividers included were the 'Life is Beautiful' selection, which has lots of positive mantras and cheerful images. It really is hard to feel sad when looking at it.

The first section is called 'Write it Down' and has this sweet map picture on it. I really liked this as it was quite quirky and avoided anything too cheesy.  This I thought would be particularly fitting if you were planning on using this as a travel journal.

Inside this section are cute pages with subheadings for thoughts, ideas and dreams. Handy perhaps if you are planning travels, or just thinking about the future in general.

The second divider has pretty paper lanterns , which make me yearn for summer! It then seems quite fitting that it is the section for 'Memory Keeping',

Inside this section the pages are double-sided (and I love that camera picture!) On one side you have space to write down one thing per day in a 'month of' and the other has space for a sketch of your day. Whilst this is sweet, I'm not entirely sure I would use it on a daily basis, although its handy for writing the lists for monthly challenge.

Again, I could see a lot of potential for a travel journal, where you would potentially be making lots of memories.

The third divider has a slightly vintage vibe to it with this floral design and is for 'Lists to Love'. Now as a self confessed procrastinator, I can never have enough lists so this was right up my street.

Again, these pages were double sided and subtly decorated which give a really lovely touch. One side has space for a weekly menu, which I couldn't have managed without whilst I was looking after my mum following her back operation as I needed to plan meals for my whole family as well as cook them.  There's also space at the bottom of the page for a shopping list, which once I'd planned my menus was also massively helpful.

The other side has space for a couple of different lists: monthly goals, to-do, things to achieve. It was a nice touch but with so much housework to tackle, I felt I would have much preferred the to-do list was a little longer and perhaps the goals could have gone with one of the other sections.

This dainty looking divider is possibly one of my favourites as it's covered in tiny butterflies. This section is called 'Staying Inspired' and rather aptly so.

 These are some of the pages from inside this section which I love. There are cute quotes and pretty designs, which really do make you feel inspired. I love just flicking through this section and I look forward to adding to it over my summer.

 The final section is the weekly pages which have space for a quote as well as plenty of space for each day, especially for a personal size planner. Although I decorate my weekly pages, they are elegant enough you could leave them if you wanted to.

There is also a cute gold page marker, which is a really pretty feature. There are also monthly dividers which have the the month embossed in gold at the top.

Finally at the back, there is another quote which totally appeals to my nerdy, quote loving self. In this case it also feels really true. Using this planner, I love life and naturally my planner too. Since receiving and using this one I've ordered myself a second and third planner, so its certainly made an impression.

Personally, I love this planner, it was my favourite birthday present. Word on the rumor mill is that Websters are working on an A5 version. I certainly hope this is true as I love an A5 planner, its the size I've settled on for the travel journal I need for my holiday this year! 

The only downside for me, is that these planners are a little fickle and not the easiest to lay my hands on in the UK. A few stockists sell them, but they sell out quickly! Amazon has them intermittently but they come without inserts. Alternately, you can pre-order them from some sellers through etsy and essentially order them directly from the States. I've found with this though there isn't always consistency between prices, so I've based choices on the feedback of sellers as well as price. 

 Please note this planner was a birthday gift from my boyfriend and all opinions expressed are my own. I am in no way affiliated with Webster's Pages.

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