Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Not Another Planner?

I had a parcel arrive today, it contained something that bought me much happiness and joy. It was of course a new planner. A white color crush planner from Websters to be precise. This is my second color crush and I loved it the moment it arrived.

Now my mother, watching me delight in the gold rings and beautiful interior, rolled her eyes and uttered the words offensive to any planner addict. "Not another planner. How many do you really need"

Did I really need a new planner? Probably not. But I wanted one, this one. I bought it in order to try a personal size out for work. Furthermore, nobody ever complains whenever I treat myself to a new handbag or pair of shoes. Do I need them? No, of course I don't but when choosing accessories it's nice to have a variety to choose from. Why should it be any different with my planner, quite possibly the most essential thing I could ever leave the house with?

I've had to order inserts for this little beauty as I didn't realise it didn't come with them, but am I disappointed? Of course not (especially as I managed to get it for a very friendly price through Amazon if you're thinking of getting one). I'm sure this won't be the last in my collection either, after all a girl needs her accessories!

How about you? Are you a multi-planner person?