Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Sn@p monthly dividers in my A5

When I spotted these on Amazon I couldn't resist buying them for my work planner, they seemed to be exactly what I need.

They're bright and colourful, with plenty of space. There's a monthly layout across two parts, perfect for what I need.

There's also space for important notes on the back which looks really cute.

They're so cheerful, they really perk up my planner. There is literally just one (maybe two) issue(s).

Firstly I had to re-punch them as there were not enough holes to fit a planner initially. This was a quick fix and easily remedied.

The only other problem I have is compared to my planner these are a touch too big. Not hugely, but enough to be inconvenient.

With my planner open it didn't look too bad, maybe just a little odd but closing my planner was a whole other question.

I'm slightly hoping that if I fill my planner up a bit it'll be slightly less of an issue, but I fear on a more realistic perspective that if may in fact need to trim them down just a little. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Trimming might need to happen. That overhang is driving my OCD nuts. :)

    1. Mine too, think trimming is the only thing for it :-)