Saturday, 4 April 2015

Setting up my butterfly

I've been itching to set this pretty little number up since I got my grubby mitts on it. The only problem was I wanted the perfect papers to do so. I finally found some this weekend, so she's finally ready, I can scarcely contain my excitement! 

These pretty dividers were made with some paper I picked up in TK Maxx this weekend. 

As I can't resist anything pink and girly I bought some pink weekly pages and helped a good cause too. Filofax make these every year to raise funds for Breast Cancer.

I also added some pretty lined paper I picked up from Paperchase. It has bunting along the top which I thought was very sweet.

I kept the original dashboard though as I thought it was very pretty. 

I also added a cheerful journalling card which matches my mood at the moment as I've been doing lots of long term goal planning and thinking about the future.

I'm so happy to now be using this beautiful planner. I can't wait to start decorating my pages.

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