Sunday, 1 February 2015

New Planner

Another filofax joined my little family of planners yesterday. I'd been casually keeping an eye out for an affordable pocket or personal sized planner for a couple of weeks. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore my tweed but it doesn't fit in my handbag and several times Mr S has asked me for information whilst we're out and about which is at home in my planner. 

I've really had my eye on a patent compact in either egg shell or lemon but a visit to our local W H Smith revealed a small selection on sale. 

I had a real struggle to choose as I was torn between two pretty floral designs... Blossom and Floral Burst. Both were personal size and fairly close in price, albeit the Floral Burst being marginally more expensive.

I eventually chose the Floral Burst as it felt sturdier than the Blossom, even though I preferred the design of the Blossom. It somehow just felt unfinished, perhaps because it has no pockets? 

Either way I'm happy with my choice and looking forward to customising my new handbag sized planner, as well as being able to have all my information to hand all the time. Mr S I think was just happy I stopped sitting on the floor whilst I weighed up my choices. 


  1. Oh Ive always loved the floral burst. The only reason I chose the saffiani over it was coz I wasnt convinced about the material cover. It is still really pretty though. And gosh £13.99 is such a good price for a personal. You go girl. 😊

    1. The saffiani is really pretty too, I would have struggled to choose between the two as well. I've come to the conclusion the new addition was meant to be.