Saturday, 24 January 2015

Paperchase sale? Yes please!

A cheeky little trip to paperchase resulted in a few cheeky bargains this weekend. I couldn't resist some new sticky notes and tapes.

I think an under the sea themed page is in order, although I may need to keep an eye out for some Finding Nemo stickers and tape to go with these lovely post-it's! 

The whale is by far my favourite, after all who could resist that smile? 

Mr S treated me to some stickers for Christmas that match these cute notes, so no doubt there will be a 'sweet' page coming soon too! 

Mr S also treated me to a new lanyard this weekend as pens were scarce when he went to The Bett Show yesterday.

So all in all I've been a lucky lady this weekend.


  1. Those sticky notes are gorgeous 😊

    1. Thanks Joanny, I can't wait to use them :-)