Wednesday, 3 December 2014

White Strawberry

White Strawberry, might just be my new favourite shop, I've even kept their business card for my filofax as I was so impressed with both their products and the service I received from them. Not only did my order arrive really quickly, but they included some complementary stickers. I'm so eager to use these little beauties, they've definitely been my favourite so far.

This is the haul I got from their lovely store. It was a real challenge to limit my choices down even to these. I was overwhelmed with the variety available, I felt a bit like a child in a sweet shop.

 Llama memo pads were a must as they've got plenty of room for notes whilst still being super sweet. Plus I liked the fact that the white one looks like a sheep!

Similarly, I loved the bunnies. Each one has a cute little patterned jump suit on. My favourite is the rainbow bunny I think. They're so cute its going to be a challenge to use these as at the moment I really just want to hoard them and keep them forever.

As you know I've been loving a bit of a cat option lately and I just adored this little kawaii cat with his sticky paws to put all over my planner and any other place I can find.

I picked a couple of diary stickers with holes too. I think they might be too small to go over punched holes but will be great for highlighting important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. I opted for three designs: donuts, animals and cats.

 These are the stickers I got free with my order, they're all funny little men and quite sweet.

 These are cute little memo stickers to write on. I think I'll be using these for important dates and themed pages. Again though, these are so sweet I don't know how I'll bear to use them as I want to just keep them forever, but where would be the fun in that?

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