Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Paperchase Scrummies

Paperchase have got some delicious morsels available for stationery delectation at the moment, I almost wish I could just move in there! Today's haul included two spectacular fluffy pens which have brussell sprouts on top! One is wearing a santa hat and one is wearing reindeer antlers.

 I couldn't resist this woodland creature themed writing set for when I put pen to paper to write to Mr S. The paper is a little bit thin but when it's this pretty I really don't mind.

These too were just too cute to resist. Mr S and I have a bit of a running joke about unicorns after he won one for me at the arcades in the summer. He's based on the one for minions 2 and is lovingly called 'Steve'.

I continued with the rabbit theme that is beginning to build up in my collection with this little hole punch. He punches a single hole, although is clearly in need of a name as I can't just call it hole punch now can I?

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