Thursday, 20 November 2014


Soooooooo,,, I may have been a very naughty little starlet today! I nipped into town and spotted at a few bits and pieces that will be great little additions to my stationery collection. By a few, I of course mean I bought probably more than I needed but there were so many cute bits how could I resist?

I got some fantastic bits from the good old pound shop. I've got a real thing for paper clips at the moment so I jumped at the opportunity to stock up on some cute shaped ones. I particularly like the fish shaped ones.

I couldn't resist adding to the washi tape stash and picked up some fab ones from The Works and Wilkinsons. Now I've just got to find somewhere to keep them all, At the moment they're still in their packets in a big bag currently known as the filofax supplies.

I also picked up these sweet little pads from the pound store. I couldn't choose between the two so I got both as they will go quite nicely with most themes, plus I just love a good list so special paper for it is always a bonus!

I also stocked up on stickers as I've been threatening to stick them everywhere in my impatience. Although I got some cute tatty teddy ones in the pound shop I also picked up these as they're basic and versatile. In addition to that they were really easy on the pocket at 50p a packet. What's not to love about that?

One thing is for sure, Christmas needs to hurry up and get here so I can get my organiser and get decorating, otherwise Mr S is going to need to get me a work room for Christmas rather than just a filofax! Not that I would complain about having a whole work room instead of just a work space of course.

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