Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Feeling Festive

We're feeling festive here, snuggled up with a big mug of tea and a nest of craft materials. I could quite easily turn this into some sort of fort and never come out, it's been blissful. Today's crafty produce was a nice stack of cards which are now all written out and addressed up ready to send come December.

Here are a few of my offerings although I feel I must apologise, the green ink I used on some of them does not seem to photograph particularly well which is a shame as it looks gorgeous on the cards!

I couldn't resist stamping the envelopes too, I think these will look very festive and cheerful dropping through the door. I certainly know I wouldn't mind finding one of these on my door mat this Christmas!

I've got some alphabet stamps Mr S bought me from good old Paperchase and they've formed the staple part of my card making this season. I love how they look on the brown card and as I've grown in confidence I've begun playing with colour as you can see. I added snow flakes to these just to break them up a little bit. The white ink is a Dovecraft stamp pad. It's lovely and lasted ages, the only downside is that the ink is a bit of a challenge to clean off my stamps when I'm finished but otherwise a fab product.

My absolute favourites are the simple black ones. I'm not too sure why, I'm just really drawn to them. The red and green came out great too, although they don't seem to photograph as well. I ended up with a few blots around some of the letters but I like to think they just add to the rustic handmade charm of the cards.

I made some Yule cards too as some of my friends celebrate Yule not Christmas, and these too have turned out pretty sweet. I experimented a little with the snow stamp and tried silver snowflakes to see what effect that would create but personally I prefer the white snowflakes. Still looks pretty sweet though.

Now just to address these bad boys up too and then 'patiently' wait another week and a half to post them. Maybe I'll pop them in the post on the 30th, I mean that'll be ok. Right?

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