Sunday, 19 February 2017

The Week Ahead

well, hello there, it's been a while. After a period of absense I'm back following a rather hectic few months. Since we last spoke I've moved into my first house and the family have had to face my dad's deterioration. He's still walking but lots of things we took for granted before have become steep learning curves. As we've adjusted and the house is finally (mostly) in order, I've gone back to my planners more regularly and with that I've begun to play and post on Instagram again.

At the moment I'm back in my fluoro pink Filofax original as I do love an A5. I've also been using a personal size Kikki K but I was struggling with the size a little, although that being said I don't have much going on this week so may have moved prematurely.

My inserts are from Paperchase, they're technically last year's but it seemed a shame to waste them. They've had some cute pink washi added which I picked up in Primark. This was part of a set of 5, all of which had various designs but it was the cute stripes that caught my eye.

To decorate I used stickers from Simple Stories. I've been holding out on these because they're so pretty, but life is short and I can always replace them if need be and they really matched my princess mood. Now I just need to find some princess things to do with my week.

In keeping with my princess theme, I added planner clips I picked up in the Disney store last year and hadn't used yet. I was spoilt for choice but how could I not use Cinderella's carriage?

With all this Disney in the air I couldn't help but bust out my Minnie and Marie pens. I love the cute pink bows!

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