Monday, 1 February 2016

Illustrated Filofax Inserts

After seeing these pretty inserts posted on Facebook I couldn't resist ordering them to set up my pink color crush. According to Amazon they're limited edition, but I'm not sure if that's entirely accurate. 

They arrived today before my other supplies, but I was so enchanted by them I had to get them in the planner and explore before setting up.

First impressions were a little mixed, the purple on the cover is a bit dark but it does make a lovely contrast with the pink. It would also compliment the lilac striped nicely.

There are monthly dividers, which are a touch flimsy and have a huge spot on the front with the month which I felt spoilt them a little. Even so the dividers are a nice touch and will come in handy.

At the beginning of the month there is a monthly overview which I really like. This is something that, for me, is missing with standard filofax inserts. As you can see the coming month has been Poppy approved, although she feels there should be more days allocated to spoiling her.

The weekly spread has a similar layout to a normal week in a filofax. The tinted background and border means there's not much call for decorating, although personally I enjoy decorating. 

The to do lists carry on the theme and certainly make chores much prettier. The paper seems slightly thicker than normal filofax paper too, I found writing on it a bit more flexible.

There is both lined and plain notepaper which again is very pretty. The paper does get a bit 'samey' after a little bit but on the whole I'm happy with this purchase and looking forward to fully setting my pink planner up.

Please note that this item was purchased for personal use via Amazon. All opinions expressed and photos used are my own. 

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